Welcome to my learning (b)log as I strive towards a BA (Hons) Degree.

So why an arts degree? In 1980 I left school before turning sixteen years of age with no academic qualifications and limited career options. The thought of following in my father’s footsteps as a farm worker did not appeal in the slightest. Despite my lack of aptitude for academia, I could draw and I was extraordinarily fit. Unfortunately, I was never encouraged, steered or coached to pursue or develop in either of these areas. Since leaving home aged sixteen, and having lived a life of adventure over the past thirty-five years, it is the artistic calling that remains an unknown; an itch that needs to be scratched; hence the arts degree. Perhaps this is the door to a new career, or just another adventure!

Added 14 Apr 17 – Formal Assessment result: My work for this assignment was assessed by the March 17 Board. I have passed. However, I am disappointed that I did not reach the personal goal I had set myself. Note to self: must try harder. The comments provided by the panel were fair and constructive. The key observation was “to encourage you to trust the aliveness and intimacy of the sketchbook work, and as your tutor indicated, consider that these might be submitted as finished piece.” I was conscious that my final pieces were ‘stiff’, compared to the looseness of my sketchbook work.

I hope you find my blog useful in your own studies. I have now moved on to my next OCA module; History of Art 1 – Western Art, which can be found at historyofwesternart1.wordpress.com

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